New characters: Caesar and Garp!


Ahoy Pirates!

Today we’re very excited to reveal the next 2 characters who will join the roster of ONE PIECE BURNING BLOOD! These 2 characters were chosen by YOU the community and join the previously released Rob Lucci as the trio of characters you voted for back in July.

Let’s start with Luffy’s grandfather, Monkey D. Garp. Despite his old age, he is still one of the strongest members of the Marine and his incredibly powerful punch can knock out even the fiercest enemies.



The second fighter is the evil scientist Caesar Clown and his terrifying logia abilities. With the Gas-Gas Fruit powers, the one that many call "Master" will surely get a special place in your dream team.


Both characters will join the fight next December 22nd as paid DLC.

They will be part of the WANTED PACK 2, GOLD PACK but also the amazing GOLD EDITION. If you already own one of these packs, no need to buy it again: you’ll get a free update with both characters!

Tell us what you think of this new addition to ONE PIECE BURNING BLOOD!