Dressrosa — Acacia

The Community Team,

Dressrosa is the island where Donquixote Doflamingo reigns as an almighty king. It only makes sense that one of the stages of One Piece Burning Blood is set on this island. Discover Acacia, a colorful port town of the Dressrosa Kingdom. Here, under the bright and shining sun, you’ll find restaurants, bars, and, of course, the famous Corrida Colosseum, where the most fearsome fighters of the island confront each other.

Dressrosa - Acacia (1)

But don’t be fooled by this picturesque setting. In the background, you’ll see a hint at who is really in power here: a statue of Doflamingo. You can also see the terrible Birdcage that Doflamingo uses to keep all the residents of Dressrosa as hostages. And particularly skilled players will be able to send their opponent flying into the background, hitting the spectators and chairs!

Dressrosa - Acacia (2)Dressrosa - Acacia (3)

Which characters would you use to defeat Doflamingo? Join the battle on this stage to test your skills! And let us know which stage you’re most excited to play in in the comments.