Fishman Island — Sea Forest

The Community Team,

Fishman Island is the hometown of the fishmen and mermaids all around the world. Located at the bottom of the sea, just under Red Line, Fishman Island is the only entrance to the New World, accessible to those who haven’t been granted the right to legally pass through the official entrance in Mariejois. That’s why you’ll meet lots of pirates here. There couldn’t be a better place to set a stage in One Piece Burning Blood!

Fishman Island - Sea Forest (4)

You’ll fight in the delightful Sea Forest, also known as the Ship Graveyard. Here, bathed in the delicate light emitted by Eve, a sunlight tree, you’ll fight among shipwrecks, underwater rocks, and the rich sea fauna and flora. Witnessing the fights is Surume, a cheerful kraken that Luffy once domesticated. In the background, gigantic corals stand up like trees, giving this particular place its name. It’s one of the favorite spots for whales to swim.

Fishman Island - Sea Forest (1)Fishman Island - Sea Forest (3)

This incredible stage only waits for you to fight! Which characters will you choose to battle? Tell us in the comments!