Marineford Battlefield

The Community Team,

Revisit the Battle of Marineford in One Piece Burning Blood’s “Paramount War” story mode and relive world-changing events from the original One Piece story. The Marineford Battlefield stage draws inspiration from the Marineford Arc and is also featured in the game’s “Paramount War” story mode.

BattlefieldBattlefield Stage

In the Marineford Battlefield stage you’ll fight on stone and solid ice, surrounded by Navy cannons, fortresses and the imposing Marineford tower. Select your team of fighters on an amazing background depicting the events that took place during the battle. A nearby ship, frozen in place, casts a daunting shadow over the action, and a river flows alongside one edge of the fighting area.

Be part of one of the most important events as one of the playable characters we have announced so far and recreate world-changing fights. Discover the characters’ special attacks and find out how you can change their fate. Fight your opponent while crowds of soldiers battle in the distance, setting the perfect ambience to make you feel like part of the story!

BattlefieldMarineford Battlefield

See the Marineford Battlefield stage come to life in our most recent gameplay trailer featuring cutscenes from "Paramount War" mode!

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