Marineford Frozen Sea

The Community Team,

The battle of Marineford is maybe the most important event in One Piece history. That’s why an entire story mode — Paramount War mode — is dedicated to it in One Piece Burning Blood. Of course, this mode will allow you to fight in different parts of Marineford. Today, we present to you the Frozen Sea surrounding the bay of Marineford.

Marineford_Bay (4)Marineford_Bay (3)

Here, you’ll fight between ice and water (be careful, Devil Fruit bearers!), after Admiral Aokiji froze the water in the bay to slow down the invading pirates. Huge ships surround you. Among them, you’ll see Navy ones, but the most impressive boat is definitely the Moby Dick, the famous Whitebeard Pirates’ flagship, with its white whale figurehead. Ice mountains and fighting crowds complete this perfect scenery for your epic fights!

Marineford_Bay (2)Marineford_Bay (1)

Which side will you choose while fighting on the Frozen Sea: Marines or Pirates? Tell us on the comments!