Marineford — Oris Plaza

The Community Team,

As you know, One Piece Burning Blood’s Paramount War story mode will allow you to relive one of the most epic battles of all time: the Battle of Marineford. So it makes sense that One Piece Burning Blood will allow you to visit and fight in different parts of Marineford. Today, we introduce you to Marineford's Oris Plaza, where the super-elites of the Navy reside.

Oris_Plaza (1)Oris_Plaza (4)

You will fight on solid ground, between the two last walls that surround the iconic pagoda-shaped tower of the Headquarters. The first wall just broke down thanks to Little Odz Jr. (you can still see the body of the young giant lying on the ground). Shipwrecks can be seen here and there. And while you’re fighting a fantastic opponent on this stage, pirates and soldiers rumble all around you.

Oris_Plaza (3)Oris_Plaza (2)

You’re just one step away from Oris Plaza — all you have to do is defeat your enemies! So are you ready to pick this fight? Tell us on the comments.