New Stages: Shandora Ruins and Port Town

The Community Team,

Announcing the final two stages players will get to experience in One Piece Burning Blood: Shandora Ruins and the Port Town!

Shandora Ruins

The ruins of Shandora, formerly known as the City of Gold, make an awe-inspiring setting for a fight. The buildings that tower over you are impressive even in their state of decay. The enormous snake Nola watches over the battle, her gigantic body curling around the arena. Vines grow between the cracked stones under your feet, and as you fight, you can topple small towers over your opponent and even throw them against the Giant Jack in the background.

Shandora ruins 3

Shandora Ruins 2Shandora Ruins 1

Port Town

Just like the Island stage, this Port Town is also a One Piece Burning Blood exclusive. It’s obvious this port is prosperous, with colorful buildings, a paved dock, alleys decorated with palm trees, and numerous ships in the harbour. It would make sense for this port to be located in the first half of Grand Line, named Paradise. Obviously, the local population left some open space so your fighters can brawl in peace!

Port Town 3

Port Town 2Port Town 1

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