Thousand Sunny

Community Team,

Created by Franky in the original ONE PIECE story and first appearing in the Water 7 arc, the Thousand Sunny is the Straw Hat Pirates’ second and current ship and one of many battle stages in One Piece Burning Blood. First conceived by a young Franky, he chased his dream of building a ship that would travel around the world.

The designers working on the game really did their best to recreate it authentically, complete with its green lawn on deck, swing, slide, and observation tower!

But that’s not all. No fighting game stage would be complete without movement: the Thousand Sunny floats across the seas as the wind blows through its sail. The blue sea reflects the sunny sky. Marine ships can be seen in the background, going about their business, probably chasing down bounties and renegades. Such a perfect atmosphere for pirates, marines and all others to battle it out on deck!